Our Allium Fat Leaf variety, inter specific hybrid Quattro F1, is a multi-purpose perennial allium hybrid. Up to hardiness zone 5 / -25°C * it is everlasting and does not spread. Quattro produces fresh leafs till frost and starts to grow when the sun warms the soil. In the first season the plant is small and it is better not to harvest the leafs. In the second year the strong roots create a large  plant where the leafs can be harvested. If the winter is cool enough, flowers are initiated and large purple ball shaped flowers will show.

Strong and vigorous plant. tender leafs with the shape of a daffodil leaf, very thick and fleshy, up to 2 cm wide. Very soft vines, easy to eat. The taste is like an ordinairy onion with a soft garlic taste, no garlic smell after consumption. The left picture shows a plant of 4 years old. The third picture shows a consumer package sample.

Possible actions to influence the performance:

  • Do a small trial (50 plants) to learn more about the crop performance for professional growers.
  • Allium Fat Leaf Quattro F1 needs a cold period to induce flowers. Sow during the summer in a large plug.
  • Plant 3 young plants/sow 4 seeds in 1 plug for 1 container. This fills out the container faster
  • Feed the plant regularly; during Spring, flowering starts in June (Northern Europe)
  • The leafs can be taken every day. Depending on the size of the plant. Flowers are edible.
  • For our clients and press publications we have a specific crop description and HR pictures available

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