Cauliflower Baby F1. Grown in a small pot and well fertilized, it will present a cute compact curd on a small pot. When grown chemical free, the curd and leafs can be used in a healthy meal. The indoor shelf-life is minimal 10 days when it is watered like a pot-plant.


Technical information

  • Ideal Pot size                 : 10-13 For Baby Cauliflower 
  • Use                                   : Cooking, Frying, Snack
  • Growth                             : Upright
  • Max Height                     : 15 cm
  • Max diameter                  : 20 cm
  • Fertilisation need           : Specilized fertilisation conditions
  • Wks. in N Europe*          :12 weeks for saleable plant (visible curd)
  • Period Baby Size            : Year-round
  • Disease tolerance           : Good
  • Remark                              : Cauliflower is a day length sensitive crop. Test the variety under 11-13 hr daylight conditions.