Cauliflower F1 Bouquet is a "sweet" tasting cauliflower, which never turns bitter, is ideal for stir frying, frying and baking. Its cell structure has a short cooking time to turn with other ingredients quickly into a great healthy dish. Bouquet F1 itself is fast growing, independent from day-length and is not impervious to delay due to high temperatures. With normal growing conditions, it is ready within 65 days after planting.

Bouquet is selected under tough conditions and is GMO free. Its appearance bred for stir-frying, but cooking in a younger stage is possible as well. The long "stems" are easy to handle and the creamy white curd keeps its colour relative long. Bouquet has a strong stem to carry the 20-30 cm wide curd and relative small leafs with a natural wax-coating to reduce evaporation and protect against fungi and insects.