Cauliflower Multi-Head F1 is a GMO free hybrid with exceptional surprises. Almost all present side-shoots with extra curds. The sooner the central curd is harvested, the sooner you can harvest. For laid-back gardeners this is a bonus from nature. Just keep on feeding. Give the young plants a stable, good start and Multi-Head F1 will present 3-5 curds. Harvest in time, so the young curds develop in time. EU Registration; PMHC927075


Technical information

  • Ideal Pot size                 : >19 cm for patio to grow with visible curd 
  • Use                                   : Cooking, Frying, Snack
  • Growth                             : Upright
  • Max Height                     : 40 cm
  • Max diameter                  : 60 cm
  • Fertilisation need           : Normal
  • Wks. in N Europe*          : 15 weeks for saleable large plant
  • Period                               : Spring till late Summer with lots of branching
  • Disease tolerance           : Good
  • Remark                              : Cauliflower is a day length sensitive crop. Test the variety under 11-13 hr daylight conditions.