Cauliflower  "White Diamond" Pru 100 and 120 are the standard varieties in the range. With a crop time of 100 and 120 days with a 11-13 hour day period the present a high value crop. When the day length expands the Pru 100 builds a good curd in 60-70 days. The Pru 120 takes approximately 10 days more but has a better curd weight and cover as the Pru 100. The harvesting window long enough, but not too long. The F1 hybrid uniformity creates optimal land use. These varieties are used for fresh market use 

Both varieties can be used with almost all day lengths. The Pru 100 has a limited covering with long days (> 14 hours) and needs to be harvested in time. This makes the variety very suitable for small curd production for the pre-packed retail industry. The Pru 120 has a good curd coverage and needs 75-80 days at day lengths >14 hours. Spectacular is the reliable crop time. High temperatures hardly have any influence.