Cauliflower is actually something for experienced gardeners. Is it too hot or too dry, they stay small with loose heads. However, there are varieties which easily give. The cauliflower-Quintet for laid-back gardeners. It's origin is from dry areas in Korea where careful water management is a must. This creates a unique opportunity for professionals in dry area's and hobby gardeners.

  • The short leaves evaporate less water - what is good for your carbon footprint and your wallet.
  • A thick layer of wax on the leaves makes it hard for pests and fungal diseases. 
  • The five types of collection of "Cauliflower for Dummies" have various crop times.  
  • Sow and plant only once and harvest for 20 weeks!  
  • Give your client a bonus, new heads follow the first with our Exp. 924-Multihead

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