A pepper in our F1 hybrid product portfolio. Ponky Peppers have unique characteristics for the grower  and user of finished plants. They are available in a range of hybrid product models in sweet and spicy.

  • Ponky Peppers  are easy to grow
  • Ponky Peppers  use low care and labour
  • Ponky Peppers  show quickly their fruits
  • Ponky Peppers  have a good fruit production
  • Ponky Peppers  show their color fast
  • Ponky Peppers  have intense regrowth after harvest 

Capsicum annuum  Ponky-Peppers™ "Spicy Jane F1" is a basket type with the ability to fill a 30 cm  basket with bright red fruits. Spicy Jane F1 is easy to combine with flowers or herbs. Spicy Jane F1 leafs are shiny and decorative. Its leaf structure secures a low water use. Ideal for home growth. 

Technical information

  • Plant distance  1 plant in a 25 cm basket
  • Pot size/1 plant   15 cm container, well fertilized/watered
  • Use   For cooking, baking(stir) frying , fresh use
  • Growth   Hanging
  • Max Height     15 cm
  • Max diameter  60 cm
  • Fertilisation need   Normal
  • Wks. in N Europe*   18 weeks from seed to first red fruit
  • Fruit  Spicy/Hot; be carefull if you are not used to   these type of fruits
  • Disease tolerance  Good
  • *= Sown in week 46