Tomato Family

The origin is central-south America. Since 1500, started as ornamental, the crop is now a key product within the western world food range. From paste till small snack tomatoes. Distinguishing factors like breeding convenience, reproduction, fruit storage, taste, alternative usability, reliability are all positive. Latin Lycopersicon esculentum, archaic Love Apple, seeds 250-450 /gram.

Pot Tomatoes

Prudac F1 varieties are suitable for pot, balcony box, container, window box, hanging basket, but also in the vegetable garden on a sunny spot. The fruits present in sight and are easy to harvest. The range varies from ideal RETAIL-STORE TYPES, with specific fruit sizes and models, to large unique models for DIRECT CONSUMER USE. All are tested under extreme conditions.

Conditions: Germination: 8-10 days at 20-22°C; optimal plug size: 2 till 5 cm; transplant: 3-4 weeks after sowing; temperature: 17-20°C. Fertilization; tomatoes have a high need of fertilizer, especially when the fruits show up, the plant need additional fertilizer support. For our customers we have specific full cultivation descriptions available.

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Prudac's benefits for Pot Tomato F1 Hybrids

  • Do not need pinching or pruning to show visable fruits.
  • All tested for sensitivty to mildew and attraction of white flies.
  • Tested for recovry after a short period of water shortage.
  • Tested with a refracto-meter (brix) to measure the sugar levels.
  • Tested with a firmometer (centralized presure) to measure the softness of the skin.
  • Bred with low light conditions, a 16 week crop with red fruits in December in Northern Europe without artificial light!