Donna F1 is an determinate growing pot tomato. The bunches have 7-10 fruits which keep well on. It's normal maximum height; 20 -25 cm and a diameter of 50-60 cm. Under high light 10-20% less. Recovery quality is good compared to other varieties. Saleable product with 1-3 red fruits and 5 green fruit bunches. Pot size from 14 to 30 cm. Crop time Spring from transplanting under standard conditions; 12 weeks. Average fruit production is more as 100 fruits per plant.

EU Registration; PDT420090

Possible actions to influence the performance:

  • Do a small trial (50 plants) to learn more about the crop performance for professional growers.
  • Pinch the plant above the third true leaf. This creates a better container coverage/ enlarges the crop time. 
  • Plant 3 young plants/sow 4 seeds in 1 plug for 1 large container. This fills out the container faster
  • Feed the plant one a week minimum and water them regularly; a lot of fruits takes a lot of fertilisation. 
  • Grafting with the right rootstock will increase vigour and speed of the plant and fruit set.
  • For our clients and press publications we have a specific crop description and HR pictures available

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Technical information

  • Ideal Pot size                  15 cm to grow till first  red fruits
  • Use                                   Snack/Salad
  • Growth                              Spreading; Culture 12-14 wks from seed
  • Height/Diameter             20 cm / 60 cm
  • Fertilisation need            High, like all tomatoes
  • Disease tolerance          Good, especially to mildew