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A unique series in our F1 hybrid product portfolio. Heart shaped tomatoes. The tomato nick-name "love-apple" becomes reality. A small fruited cocktail type with a strong point and bright red colour. The green sepals give the fruit an excellent contrast. 

"Vita" has an excellent vigour and produces indoor and outdoor a good crop with excellent tasting hearts. The skin is soft, the fruit is juicy with the right sweet/sour content "Vallery" can be used as snack, for decoration in soups and salads or to decorate your dish as a professional chef. "Vita" is suitable for professional growers under high light intensity and home gardeners.            

EU Registration; PHBT410080

Possible actions to influence the performance:

  • Do a small trial (50 plants) to learn more about the crop performance for professional growers.
  • The ideal pot size is 19 cm. with growing under normal circumstances.
  • The plant makes branches when the bunch shows at the top.
  • The plant can grow approx. 50 tall and spread up to 40 cm, depending on the daylength and light intensity. 
  • For our clients and press publications we have a specific crop description and HR pictures available.


Technical information

  • Ideal Pot size                  15 cm to grow till first  red fruits
  • Use                                   Snack/Salad
  • Growth                              Upright-Spreading; Culture 14-16 wks from seed
  • Height/Diameter             50 cm / 40 cm
  • Fertilisation need            High, like all tomatoes
  • Disease tolerance          Good, especially to milde