James F1 is for professional growers. James grows up and present 2-3 bunches on top of the plant with small leafs. The height depends on culture management and varies from 25-40 cm. The central stem needs support, 2-3 sticks. The pot size varies from 12 to 17 cm. Spring planting under standard conditions; 12 weeks crop. Average fruit production is more than 80 fruits a plant. EU Registration; PJT422090

Possible actions to influence the performance: 

  • Do a small trial (50 plants) to learn more about the crop performance.
  • Do not pinch the plant
  • To fill out a large container, divide an odd number of plants right about the pot.
  • Feed the plant once a week and water them regularly; lots of fruits takes a lot of fertilisation.
  • For our clients and press publications we have a specific crop description and HR pictures available.

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Technical information

  • Ideal Pot size                  13-15 cm to grow till first  red fruits
  • Use                                   Snack/Salad
  • Growth                              Upright-Spreading; Culture 12-14 wks from seed
  • Height/Diameter             30 cm / 20 cm
  • Fertilisation need            High, like all tomatoes
  • Disease tolerance          Good, especially to milde