Magnùsa™ F1 are strong, vigorous tomatoes in a range of fruit sizes,  combined in various plant models. Easy to grow, excellent branching, no long branches with an intense green leaf-colour. This series in our F1 hybrid product portfolio can serve markets where plant-size and continuous growth are wanted, combined with excellent productivity and good flavour. 

The plants can develop from strong young plants to excellent performers on the consumer patio or garden. They are well bred with good horizontal resistances. Magnùsa™ 100 F1 produces normal-sized shiny red fruits with a weight around 80-100 gram each. Magnùsa™ 25 F1 is ideal for hanging baskets, large containers, balcony boxes, growing with low labour use, no pruning, no winding.


Technical information

  • Ideal Pot size   30 cm to grow till first  red fruits
  • Pot size/1 plant   30 cm in the outdoor season
  • Use   Decoration/Snack/Salad
  • Growth   Spreading
  • Max Height     20 cm
  • Max diameter  80 cm
  • Fertilisation need   High, like all tomatoes
  • Wks. in N Europe*   15 weeks for saleable plant (1 coloured fruit)
  • Wks. in N Europe*   17 weeks for saleable large plant
  • Disease tolerance  Good, especially to mildew 

*= Under  good growing conditions