Tarzan F1 is a semi determinate growing type for professionals and hobby. It grows up till approx. 40 cm and produces a bunch on top with 3-5 fruits. The new branches produce a bunch after 3-5 leafs. The plant turns to a compact bush with its fruits on the outside during the season. The fruits are full with tomato meat and have a soft skin, ideal for salads and hamburgers. 

Possible actions to influence the performance:

  • Do a small trial (50 plants) to learn more about the crop performance for professional growers.
  • Do not pinch the plant.
  • High light intensity makes the product compact.

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Technical information

  • Ideal Pot size                  15 cm to grow till first  red fruits
  • Use                                   Snack/Salad
  • Growth                              Upright-Spreading; Culture 12-13 wks from seed
  • Height/Diameter             40 cm / 40 cm
  • Fertilisation need            High, like all tomatoes
  • Disease tolerance          Good, especially to milde