Donna F1

Trailing tomato plants with a high yield and a great taste. 

The Donna F1's trailing growth habit makes it ideal for large containers and hanging basket. The Donna F1 produces abundant yellow, red or orange fruit. The Donna F1 also quickly produces new fruit after the first harvest, so the plant will keep on giving all season long. The weight of an individual tomato is between 8-12 g / 0.2-0.4 oz and its brix is around 8. Available in 3 colours.


Growing Donna F1

  • Crop time from young plant until yellow fruit is 10-12 weeks 
  • Can be grown next to all standard tomato types 
  • Diameter: ± 35 cm / 14"
  • Height: ± 35 cm / 10"
  • Suitable pot sizes: 21-25 cm or Baskets


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