Cauliflower Family 

Prudac represents an Asiatic, non GMO, F1 hybrid breeding company.  Prudac supports the marketing and sales outside the territory, Korea, China, Taiwan. The breeding circumstances are stressful, the varieties are tough and hard. We have tested the varieties worldwide and know their strengths and weaknesses. We can advise per location what the options for the varieties are.  

The varieties can be planted during the same period. By using this method, the growers can plant all during the wet-period and still have a harvesting window of 100 days from the first till the last hybrid. In total we work with 6 F1 hybrids covering the 100 days. The crop time varies from 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 160 days after planting.  

The leaf colour of most F1 hybrids is blue-green, the leafs are relative short to reduce water-use / evaporation. Also the impact of fungi is limited due to the wax coat on the leafs. We expect our F1 hybrids will have the smallest water use-climate friendly-footprint in the industry. An ideal range for growers with limited water regulation or Eco focus.

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