Prudac Presentation Trials 2021

Time to look back at one of our highlights of 2021 - the WEEK24 Trials.
Have you checked out the Prudac presentation trials video below?

Prudac at the Trade Fair Aalsmeer (3-5 Nov)

See you there? 

Summer 2021 Trials

An insight in the summer 2021 6-7"/15-17cm pot trials. Such a mix in varieties, colours and heights. 


Prudac in the mix

An insight into Prudac's 12cm/5" trial. These tomato and pepper plants form a beautiful mix of colours and shapes. 

It is a mix of experimental and existing varieties. Which varieties do you recognise? 

Hint: check out the Peppers from Heaven™ F1 Series, Pillar Tomatoes™ F1 - Catch Orange, Pillar Tomatoes™ F1 - Joy Red 


Prudac at the Week24 Trials

Prudac took part in this years' Week24 Trials! Bolk Plants in Haaften (NL) offered the perfect location for Prudac show its latest introduction and your favourities.

Vistors had a chance to taste the Prudac peppers and tomatoes and they sure did! Luckily we still have got the photos. 

Stay tuned for a video impression of the show. 

Did you miss the event, but do you want to know more about Prudac's products? Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us.

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